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CIVITAS Insight 15 on its way: ‘Making public transport work better for everyone’

Improving the quality, availability, timeliness and multi-modality of public transport systems is a vital activity in making European public transport systems even better. CIVITAS shows us that these systems can get better by providing real-time, multimodal information, by making vehicles accessible to all (tourists, handicapped), by making the systems safer, by building new partnerships with employers and others, and by making riding buses, trams and metros easier with one ticket and one place to get information.

With this CIVITAS Insight, the CIVITAS CAPITAL project wants to provide information on improving public transport and its importance for a sustainable urban mobility.

As we are interested to get your views and ideas by 18 April 2016, all members of this Thematic Group have the possibility to contribute to the content of this CIVITAS Insight. If you are interested to contribute, please leave a message here!

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