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"I'm a climate hero!" Teaching mobility in Stuttgart primary schools

Mayor Kuhn explains the concept of climate protection to school children


Short summary of the project ‘I am a climate hero’ project

Walking makes a difference!
Teaching mobility at Stuttgart’s primary schools

During the months of October and November 2015, 332 primary school children from 4 schools took part in the ‘I am a climate hero’ project in Stuttgart/Germany.

15 primary school classes attended the mobility training and the cost of 10 classes was covered by the Activity Fund of the EU network CIVITAS. The project was led by Regina Lüdert of the Environmental Protection Office. It was developed by Stephanie Esch of the raumstadt_architektur agency.

During the course of three double lessons, the school children participate in experiments and educational games to learn what climate change means and how we can protect the climate and the environment in our everyday lives. The children also collected ‘walking points’ by completing journeys on foot instead of by car. The aim was to reduce traffic in the area around the school and increase awareness of environmental issues among the children.

The parents of the school children also got involved in the campaign through a family contract. The contract stipulated climate protection measures which the family could implement in their everyday lives.

A comparison of all 4 primary schools in terms of environmentally-friendly journeys to school at the project start and project end:

All of the participating primary schools were able to increase their environmentally-friendly journeys to school (on foot or by bike, bus and train) by an average of 5%. The greatest improvement was documented at the Reisachschule at 7%. The 4% improvement at the Wolfbuschschule school is also very pleasing to see because this is a bilingual German/Italian primary school with lots of foreign students.

Concluding comments

The children were very enthusiastic about the project. After some initial scepticism, the parents were also happy to support their children in their endeavours and seek out ways of helping to protect the climate as a family.

The cheers were unbelievable when the children were awarded a certificate with their total number of points and a T-shirt with the words ‘I am a climate hero’. Each child can now feel like a genuine climate expert because they know much more about protecting the climate and can do something to help, including in the future.

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