TomTom powers environmental planning solutions for Aalborg

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TomTom and the City of Aalborg have signed an agreement under which TomTom is delivering highly accurate traffic information to better manage traffic flows in the city and to provide better information to road users. Through the agreement, Aalborg will leverage TomTom Custom Travel Times, which is based on a unique, proprietary database of historical travel times, with road speed measurements gathered over the past several years.

It has been incorporated into the city's ARCHIMEDES project within the CIVITAS Initiative, a European initiative that aims to find smart traffic solutions for a better environment. To further build on the volume of data available in the TomTom solution, the city of Aalborg has entered into an agreement with Aalborg Taxa (a local taxi company), whereby 100 TomTom navigation devices will be used by Taxa for collecting even more local road congestion data. Data from these taxis will provide thousands of additional, local GPS measurements to TomTom anonymously and generate additional traffic data. TomTom will use this valuable information, along with its powerful database of historical traffic information, to calculate route directions more precisely and Aalborg will apply this content for planning purposes and to inform road users. The first analysis of congestion in Aalborg is available for review online at the traffic site: Arne B. Schade, City Councilor at Aalborg, is excited about this project in his city: Based on this traffic information, our citizens will get better knowledge of where and when congestion is worst. It is our hope that they can actually save lots of precious time by taking another, less congested route, or by travelling 15 minutes earlier or later. By working with TomTom, we are assured a highly-accurate product on which we can rely to deliver these solutions in our city, and in an environmentally-friendly way.

Author: Jens Mogensen



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