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Sustainable solutions to improve access to cities and their ports (PORTIS project)

Author: Helen Franzen
Posted on: Monday, February 13, 2017 - 16:10

CIVITAS PORTIS project plans innovative and sustainable solutions to improve access to cities and their ports

The CIVITAS PORTIS project plans to implement 49 measures in the PORTIS cities of Antwerp, Aberdeen, Trieste, Constanta and Klaipeda. As part of their aims, the cities plan to make use of collective passenger transport to find new solutions to the transport challenges facing European port cities.

In Antwerp, as part of CIVITAS PORTIS, new tramlines are planned for the northern urban area where the port and the city meet. This will link the city with the port area and help to change citizens’ transport choices towards public transport and cycling.

Like Antwerp, Aberdeen aims to bring about a cultural change away from cars as a primary mode of transport and recover road space for collective and active modes of transport. This will be achieved through major new infrastructure and an ambitious plan to transform the city centre over the next 20 years.

Within CIVITAS PORTIS, Trieste wants to introduce an innovative public transport system to connect the costal areas and the hinterland and integrate the port and the city, with a special focus on the old port area.

Constanta, the oldest city in Romania and home to one of the largest ports in Europe, is planning an efficient and integrated traffic management system with electric and eco-buses for public transport as part of its goals of increasing public transport use between the city and the port and discouraging the use of private cars.

Klaipeda aims to gather and analyse data on mobility patterns and transport flows to improve transport system planning and policy making and better understand transport flows in the city, leading to a priorisation of public transport and accelerate competitiveness against personal vehicles.

CIVITAS PORTIS designs, demonstrates and evaluates integrated sets of innovative sustainable mobility measures that address the problems of port cities across Europe. The 5 CIVITAS PORTIS living labs expect to prove that more efficient and sustainable mobility is conducive to the establishment of vital and multi-modal hubs for urban, regional, national and international movements of passengers and goods.

For more information, visit the PORTIS project page

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