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Discover extensive SUMP training materials from CIVITAS PROSPERITY

Author: Claus Köllinger
Posted on: Friday, October 25, 2019 - 14:20

CIVITAS PROSPERITY sough to enable and create a culture shift in government agencies and local authorities to support Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).

The project, which ended in August this year, delivered PROSPERITY national training events tailor-made to the special needs and demands of the country.

At each training event, tools - from SUMP and other projects, alongside updated materials and many newly developed and emerging materials were used. The adaptation of the “generic” material to fit the context of each country (i.e., local interests, needs, include credible and relevant examples etc.) was the key aspect of the tailor-made training approach for each country.

Summaries and translations of five existing SUMPs from Champion Cities - Vienna, Vitoria Gasteiz, Sint Niklaas, Dundee and Szeged - were prepared to provide support.

Practical experience shows that this approach was highly popular because it illustrates how SUMPs actually work in practice. The training slides were prepared in English and translated into all the training languages where these training topics were given: Bulgarian; Croatian; Czech; Greek; Hungarian; Lithuanian; Polish; Portuguese; Romanian; Slovenian; and Spanish.

The following nine topics were selected for which stand-alone training modules have been developed:

  1. Generic introduction to SUMP
  2. How does SUMP mesh with statutory land use plans?
  3. Adopting the SUMP approach for small and mid-size cities
  4. Communication and stakeholder involvement
  5. Achieving political and internal buy-in
  6. Monitoring and evaluation
  7. Use of public space
  8. Freight transport (city logistics)
  9. Working with the Urban Road Map Tool.

The training materials (in all available languages) can all be download from the PROSPERITY website free of charge:

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