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Connected and automated driving (CAD) in CIVITAS cities session at CIVITAS Forum 2017

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Wednesday, August 9, 2017 - 09:14

The discussion on connected and automated driving (CAD) is now coming to CIVITAS. Come to the discussion to ensure the sustainable integration of connected and automated vehicles (CAVs) into the overall mobility objectives of cities.

Session details: Day 3 – Friday, September 29, 9:30-11:30.  

Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) manufacturers are planning for the market introduction of passenger cars with more and more automated functionalities. CoEXist partner Renault, for example, will launch a range of at least ten vehicles equipped with autonomous technology by 2020.

Although swift progress is being made towards the deployment of CAVs, the success of the transition towards CAVs will largely be determined by the acceptance of stakeholders that have so far not really been part of the debate: cities and others with a stake in urban road infrastructure. Consequently, most European urban road infrastructure authorities have a lot of uncertainties regarding the introduction of this “new mode” on their road network.

Many cities question whether CAVs will fulfill the promises of reducing road space demand and improving traffic efficiency and safety. Without good preparation and planning, AVs could simply amplify the urban mobility problems that cities already face.

The aim of this session is to kick-start a critical discussion within CIVITAS about the positive and negative impacts of CAVs in cities and what cities could and should do in the coming 5-10 years.

The session will include the following four presentations:

1) Polis’ position paper on automated vehicles (presenter: Suzanne Hoadley, Senior Manager, Polis)

2) CoEXist project (presenter: Bernard Gyergyay, CoEXist Project Manager, Rupprecht Consult)

3) Will automated vehicles kill off mass transit in smaller urban areas? (presenter: Tom Cohen, CREATE Project Partner, University College London)

4) CIVITAS Satellite E-learning: Connected and automated driving (CAD) in CIVITAS cities (presenter: Bernard Gyergyay, CoEXist Project Manager, Rupprecht Consult)

A panel discussion about the role of CAD in CIVITAS will conclude the session; this will last approximately 40 minutes. The expected panel will include CIVITAS cities, CoEXist partner cities and European Commission representatives.

The session chair is Siegfried Rupprecht, Executive Director, Rupprecht Consult.

For further information on the presentations see: Connected and automated driving (CAD) in CIVITAS cities session at CIVITAS Forum 2017

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