CIVITAS Thematic Policy Note on Transport Poverty now available

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The CIVITAS Thematic Policy Note on Transport Poverty is available, giving information on why it is important to put transport poverty on the policy agenda.

The importance of transport for social inclusion has recently been considered in a number of transport policies. In the near future the challenges related to demographic trends (for example, ageing and migration), increasing poverty and environmental sustainability may lead to even higher demand for public transport, for example.

The social role of transport must be internalised in transport policies, with closer attention to the specific mobility needs of the most vulnerable user groups. Improved accessibility for the elderly and people with reduced mobility, as well as higher-quality services and lower fares for all, need to be considered, together with improved efficiency in order to keep public transport financially viable.

With this CIVITAS Thematic Policy Note on Transport Poverty the CIVITAS CAPITAL project provides the challenges that go along with this topic, and provides an overview of benefits and positive impacts of an advanced inclusion of transport poverty on a policy agenda. It highlights policy and regulatory context on European level, underlines them by best practices and provides an idea on the involvement of key stakeholders.

Download and read this CIVITAS Thematic Policy Note, or access it on the Key Publications page.

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