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Changing commuting patterns in the port of Constanta with clean vehicles

Author: Ingrid Briesner
Posted on: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 - 14:26
Constanta , PORTIS

The port of Constanta (Romania) is the work place for approximately 9,000 people, and an estimated additional 15,000 people conduct regular activities there.

An environmentally-friendly bus line within the Port has been proposed to serve workers’ commutes and to mitigate the number of additional and unnecessary vehicles accessing the port platform.

Through CIVITAS PORTIS, alternative energy sources from solar and wind farms to fuel environmentally-friendly buses have been studied and evaluated in Constanta.

This was done taking into account the complexity of factors related to the production, distribution and use of power from intermittent sources for clean and efficient transport systems.

Three possible courses of action, each with huge potential to become the future standard for city buses, were identified:

  • Plug-in hybrid electric buses;
  • Battery electric buses; and,
  • Fuel cell electric buses.

The Constanta team is now developing a comprehensive Decision Support System that integrates advanced digital tehnologies, databases, analysis and optimisation tools, aggregated as a digital bot – the TOMY bot.

Together, these high-end technological measures can offer energy-efficient, green solutions to local mobility issues and get people using collective public transport as opposed to private cars.

Find out more about Constanta’s measures here and CIVITAS PORTIS here.

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