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“Camina Madrid” - Madrid´s mobility campaign for pedestrian safety

Author: Esther Kreutz
Posted on: Monday, November 25, 2019 - 10:26

Since 14 October, the municipality of Madrid has been running a campaign to improve pedestrian safety - "Camina Madrid."

Developed within the framework of CIVITAS ECCENTRIC, its activities centre on the districts located within the project's Living Lab: Puente de Vallecas and Villa de Vallecas.

The challenges related to the improper use of the pavements are well known: general deterioration, irregularly parked vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians competing for space, and much more.

Recently the problem has taken on a new dimension, as new types of vehicles, particularly electric scooters, have been introduced to the streets of the Spanish capital.

The campaign is running for 45 days. Its main goal is to the clarify the most common doubts that citizens have concerning mobility and draw attention to the necessity of and etiquette required to share the public space.

The specific topics are:

  1. To highlight pedestrian rights within Madrid´s Sustainable Mobility Ordinance;
  2. To raise citizens' awareness of obstacles in pedestrian areas;
  3. To explain how to report irregular situations.

The campaign is spreading its message in two different ways. The first one is more visual, with posters and stickers distributed in areas with large pedestrian flows, such as main public roads and public transport stations.

The second is more text focused. Aside from this, advertisements are appearing in the local press and social networks.

Read more about the campaign (in ES) and about another CIVITAS ECCENTRIC measure aiming to create pedestrian-friendly public space in the Spanish capital.  

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