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Application deadline of 18 March approaches for CIVITAS peer-exchange activities

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Thursday, March 14, 2019 - 12:54

Time is running out to apply for  a variety of CIVITAS peer-exchange activities taking place over the course of this year.

Cities have until Monday 18 March to apply for trips to Antwerp (Belgium), Braga (Portugal), Budapest (Hungary) and Tel Aviv (Israel).

The activities set to take place in these four pioneering mobility cities are varied in their nature, covering a wide variety of topics.

Antwerp (Belgium) - 8-10 May 2019

The visit in this port city will focus on behavioural change, cycling and walking, mobility management, the and innovation process. Different partners and stakeholders will be involved: including the City of Antwerp, and PORTIS project partners like the Port of Antwerp, public transport operators, and the regional government.

Braga (Portugal) - study visit - 8-10 May 2019
Find out more on (e-)public transport, explore how to better connect with neighbourhoods, and learn from a pioneering smart city project that is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decarbonise cities.

Participants will take part in site visits and interactive workshops.

Budapest (Hungary) - June or September 2019

The study visit in Budapest will focus on urban freight, public involvement, community planning, shared mobility and Mobility as a Service. During the visit, BKK (Budapest's public transport authority) and mobility practitioners involved in R&D projects for BKK will accompany participants.

Tel Aviv (Israel) - activity TBC - June or September 2019

Tel Aviv is currently seeking to transformation its mobility habits, moving from relying on cars as the main mobility mode to sustainable modes, such as public transport and bicycles. Within this process, the city has faced many challenges and needed to devise solutions at a rapid rate.

The visit will focus on Tel Aviv's shared bicycle scheme, car-sharing and the city's programme for sustainable mobility. The timeframe and format of the visit will be confirmed at a later stage.

Book your place

Find application forms for all trips aside from Braga below and on the CIVITAS peer activities page.

To attend, email Arianna Americo from EUROCITIES - - with the application form and stating your interest. For Braga, an email is enough.

Financial support

For trips to Antwerp, Budapest, and Tel Aviv, financial support may be available to attendees. Read the trip application forms for more details.

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