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Annex to the SUMP Guidelines now available

Author: Richard Adams
Posted on: Monday, February 10, 2020 - 15:53

The Annex to the Guidelines For Developing And Implementing A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (2nd Edition) is now available to read and download.

The original Guidelines were published at the CIVITAS Forum 2019 in Graz last year, and the annex contains a wealth of information that complements and enriches this.

Dive in now to discover:

  • A Glossary with a selection of the most important SUMP-related definitions;
  • Printable checklists for all activities of the SUMP cycle, that can be used by cities for checking off all different tasks during the process;
  • A comprehensive collection of 63 good practice examples from cities across Europe, telling their SUMP stories;
  • An overview of the complementary guides and briefings to the SUMP Guidelines; and,
  • A list of all experts consulted during the SUMP Guidelines development process.

The good practices form the centrepiece of the Annex, with 58 European cities describing a wide range of SUMP activities. They explain what the specific activity looks like in their context, allowing readers to understand the content and depth of the 12 steps of the SUMP cycle and how they can be translated into practice.

For example, find out how Tampere (Finland) used the construction of a new tram in the city to introduce new mobility management actions and how Monzón (Spain) linked its SUMP development with a Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, and how hessaloniki (Greece) set up a mobility forum for action planning.

Download and read the annex here. Find this and the main guidacne document, all Practitioner Briefings, and all SUMP Topic Guides on the Eltis website.

The main document is also available as an online document allowing the user to navigate between linked sections.


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