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Brescia’s mobility strategy has made the development of a better public transport system a priority. Brescia’s new bus fleet is more comfortable and less polluting.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The main purpose of this measure was to renew the Local Public Transport (LPT) fleet by purchasing new clean and energy efficient vehicles. The measure mainly consisted of actions relating to the purchase and the equipment of the new busses (36 CNG and 2 hybrid 8m busses).


The measure foresaw a series of actions aimed at improving LPT with respect to both emissions and services to citizens. It addressed challenges such as overcrowding of busses, as well as improving fleet punctuality, increasing the number of passengers and offering more comfortable vehicles. The new vehicles (which substitute the older ones) were launched on bus line Number 1, which crosses the city from north to south, serving the most important university axes, many schools, the train, suburban bus stations and critical areas. The new 18-metre-long busses represent an absolute novelty for the city of Brescia, from the technical and driving point of view posing many challenges for drivers such as tackling roundabouts. Bus drivers received specific training to increase their skills in operating the new vehicles.


The general goal of renewing the fleet was exceeded, thanks to the implementation of coordinated actions such as the purchase of CNG vehicles (45% of the fleet in 2008; 59% in 2011), their introduction into the bus network (54,86% of Km travelled in 2008; 73,37% in 2011) and the promotional campaigns which informed citizens about the new service and its advantages.

Another important issue, which can be considered an innovative aspect for the city, was the direct involvement of stakeholders (namely the citizens of the city of Brescia). This was supported by a massive dissemination campaign and customer satisfaction survey to spread information throughout the Brescia territory, as well as to evaluate awareness and acceptance levels.

Regarding the future in relation to the measure, the renewal of the bus fleet will continue to be an important part of the company policy over the next few years in order to guarantee a more modern and competitive public transport service.




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