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Mobility Measure

Sustainable Mobility Tourist Action Plan (SMTAP)

The plan will foster a balanced development of sustainable mobility modes and will minimise the traffic flow of Limassol city centre, which is the centre of tourism.

Implementing sustainable mobility


The following are the objectives which the SMTAP aims to achieve:

  1. Increase the total share of citizens that use public transport
  2. Increase free space in Limassol city centre 
  3. Enhance public health and safety
  4. Change habits of local people and tourists
  5. Reduce traffic noise, air pollution and energy consumption in Limassol city centre

How will this be achieved?

Stratagem will cooperate with the Limassol Municipality and other relevant stakeholders in order to develop the SMTAP according to the needs of the city. The plan will be focused on tourists' needs for a better quality of life using sustainable mobility modes. 

A study on tourist mobility has been undertaken and analyse the current situation of the city centre, focussing on roads network, mobility demand and modal split, road safety, traffic, public transport, parking, pedestrians and bicycle services.

How did the measure progress?

The fieldwork, research and data analysis of tourist questionnaires was implemented in 2017 and 2018. Another field work is in progress, giving questionnaires to tourists in Limassol, gathering and analysing new information in order to include results in the final Sustainable Mobility Tourist Action Plan for Limassol City Centre.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The plan focuses on tourists’ needs for a better quality and sustainable life at Limassol city centre. This action will transform the Limassol city centre to a more attractive destination for tourists. 

Tourists will enjoy their vacation with less noise, less CO2 emissions, more free space, less traffic, healthier and safer environment and enjoy the city centre of Limassol by using sustainable modes for their transportation.