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Mobility Measure

Sustainable Elba Logistics Plan

Production of the Sustainable Elba Logistics Plan includes the definition of a common normative framework and the identification of specific solutions for freight consolidation and delivery on the island.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The main actions for the development of the SULP are listed below:

  • Identification of the logistics baseline and the main common objectives;
  • Analysis of user needs and identification of the best types of offer;
  • Discussion table among all the interested stakeholders;
  • Identification of the main suitable solutions for freight consolidation (on the mainland) and freight delivery ('last mile' deliveries on the island);
  • Definition of the support conditions and organisation, and the related costs for both investments and maintenance;
  • Definition of a common normative framework, focused on access regulations for commercial vehicles in Elba's urban areas (particularly during the summer season); and,
  • Evaluation of the economic and environmental impact of the plan.

Portoferraio analysed the logistics situation in all the municipalities of the island in order to identify how to improve goods distribution. This was done from the point of view of both the practicability and the technical viability and related to ‘last-mile’ distribution.

A very detailed SULP was drafted in June 2019 and it is now expected to be discussed/approved by all the other municipalities on the island by the end of 2019. 

The SULP strategy is mainly based on the following actions: 

  • Using technology for logistics optimisation; 
  • Encouraging operators to adopt good practices (for example, the use of low-emission vehicles); and
  • Harmonising legislation across the island's different municipalities,  for example concerning LTZ access. 

Furthermore, another positive action envisaged by the SULP is the use of temporary goods storage centres - one on the mainland and the second on the island. In this way, it is possible for some operators to optimise the‘last-mile’ transportation working on behalf of third parties at full load.

Some actions included in the SULP could be implemented soon, whilst others may need more time, for example the creation of consolidation centres for goods distribution.

MemEx played a key role in the drafting of the SULP. To understand the local context, it conducted interviews with logistics operators. This helped it identify user needs, as well as possible solutions to improve goods distribution.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The SULP has been completed and discussions are now taking place regarding its implementation across all Elba municipalities.

The main outcome of the measure is the implementation of a plan that will optimise logistics operations on the island. This will help reduce pollution and congestion.