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Mobility Measure

Safe routes to school

The aim of the action ‘Safe Routes to Schools’ is to achieve successful parental and pupil mode shift through delivering separate workshops at each participating school.

The target is to also increase safety during peak hours in order to reduce accidents and increase pupils’ sustainability awareness. A natural impact on public health can also be achieved regarding obesity among young children, which can be used for motivation about cycling and walking.

Implementing sustainable mobility


The following are the objectives which the action ‘Safe Routes to Schools’ aims to achieve:

  1. Increase the total share of citizens that use sustainable mobility modes
  2. More Attractive and safer roads
  3. Change habits of local people and elementary school pupils

How will this be achieved?

Several meetings held with school principals and teachers in order to prepare the workshops based on the needs of students and a letter was sent from school to parents to invite them to the workshops and give their permission to participate in workshops. A video material about safety to use sustainable modes of mobility (walking, cycling use of public transport and carpooling) was prepared and promoted to schools during workshops.

Also a questionnaire was prepared for parents regarding students’ accessibility to school. The aim of the questionnaire was to promote sustainable mobility modes and to give real information about the way students are going to school such as the duration of their journeys, the reason for their chosen modes, their concerns regarding using cycling and walking to school and evaluation of solutions.

How did the measure progress?

During the action ‘Safe Routes to Schools’, 32 primary schools of Limassol identified where in total 1786 students participated. Workshops include presentations about road safety, cycling, walking, carpooling and the use of public transport.

Also experimental games took place regarding the benefits gained from walking to schools, road signs, stimulation of traffic park, cycling park with games and activities by bike and a pedestrian crossing zebra with guidance outside schools.

Discussions were held with parents and students about traffic caused during peak hours and solutions proposed.

A video focused on student education regarding ‘Safe routes to school’ has been prepared.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This measure is expected to encourage parents and students to use sustainable mobility modes with safety and help pupils to know how to get safely to their schools with an alternative transport way. Moreover, workshops will educate parents to be more aware when driving, reducing accidents and increasing the sustainability awareness for children.

Basic Information

LIM 3.3
December 2016

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