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Mobility Measure

Public transport user forum

A new web portal will provide access to public transport information and provide a forum for user feedback and suggestions. This tool will aid in the development of public transport services.

Implementing sustainable mobility

There is currently no formal channel for communication and exchange of information between providers and users of public transport in Iasi. Iasi will establish a communication path between passengers and the transport company, by creating a forum on the Public Transportation Company’s website. The forum will encourage feedback from users and thereby provide the Transportation Company with an effective way of disseminating information to its users. By receiving feedback from customers of PTI, the public transport company in Iasi, Iasi will be able to make adjustments to the public transport services, improving their quality and reliability.

How did the measure progress?

Iasi contracted a specialised company to make the website. The city has finalised the details regarding the compatibility of the forum website with the current public transport company website, the registration of the number of users accessing the website, the monitoring of the site and the issues around the answering team. Five themes of discussions were established and were well received by the public.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

To find out people’s reaction about measure’s objectives, surveys have been carried out. Evaluating the level of awareness, we noticed an increasing percentage of people that heard about the measure, from 20% in 2011 to 51% in 2012. Acceptance level, also obtained from the questionnaires, shows that the percentage of citizens using website forum to communicate with public transport company increased from 7% in 2011, to 26% in 2012. The Forum website registers all accesses made by citizens. Analyzing the data, we obtained some satisfying monthly averages visits, increasing with 23% in 2011 (5842) and with 31% in 2012 (6235), compared to 2010 (4747).

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