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Mobility Measure

PT Traveller information System

This measure informs tourists on the waiting time at the bus stop and the following stops, end of route and other important travelling and tourist information while on the bus. The service makes PT more attractive and user friendly and visitors properly informed.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Upgrade urban PT services
  • Increase interest and use of PT service
  • Provide travelling information to people waiting for the bus
  • Provide tourist information to people waiting for the bus
  • Provide travelling information while on the bus
  • Provide tourist information while on the bus
  • Provide sustainable mobility information while on the bus (i.e. show Civitas Destinations photos, video material, etc.)

How will this be achieved?

Several meetings have been organized with stakeholders, the Ministry of Communications and Works and relevant Departments to determine electric signs specifications for bus stations and buses, compatible with the national telematics system.

In order to achieve this measure, the steps included the preparation of procurement procedure for purchasing and installation of e-signs, completion of evaluation and awarding procedure. The agreement with the awarded company was signed in September 2018; the implementation plan was submitted by the awarded company; 25 Displays have already installed on buses and bus stop installation is under way.

How did the measure progress?

Twenty-five ‘Smart’ bus stops include electronic strolling signs with photovoltaics, that advise people about the waiting time for the next bus. A central system has been created to provide the relevant tourist information based on GPS sensors on the buses and the necessary software. The central system is located at the Limassol Bus Company offices and operated and maintained by the company. Visible and noticeable signs with the bus stop name will be placed at the pole of the electronic sign.

Twenty-five ‘Smart’ buses include displays inside the bus, informing the PT users about the following stops, so that they (especially tourists) know where to get off the bus, the end of route, as well as tourist information regarding the area they are approaching.

A control room created in Limassol Tourism Company’s offices to provide information regarding following events and points of interest in Limassol Region. This information is available to PT passengers through the displays inside buses.

These systems applied along the sea-side road which connects the tourist area to the city and old town. The Ministry of Communications and Works fully supports the initiative and many local authorities are involved for the implementation of this measure.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This measure will upgrade the quality of the PT service and increase its attractiveness both for tourists and residents that travel along the sea-side road (20 km), so as to reduce private/rental car usage or taxi hiring in favour of PT.

The Smart Stop strolling signs and the displays in buses additionally provide tourist information about nearby attractions and events. The system has been designed for both tourists and residents in mind, making their travelling around using PT more efficient in terms of time and comfort.

PT information provided is user friendly for visitors, since along with the PT information, tourist information is provided enabling visitors to plan accordingly and make the best of the PT routes available.