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Mobility Measure

Promote the uptake of electric vehicles. Campaign on e-mobility

With the implementation of this measure, tourists have the option of renting electric vehicles and an incentive due to free parking. Tourists that are not very athletic have also the option of renting electric bikes. Residents have been encouraged to use electric vehicles for leisure transport for everyday life. This measure educates people to evolve towards a more sustainable destination which be more attractive due to cleaner air and lower emissions.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increase awareness and interest in electromobility
  • Support car rental companies in increasing the number of rental electric vehicles and through promotional campaigns to increase awareness and interest in renting e-vehicles. This is further supported by the relevant infrastructure included in other measures
  • Encourage the usage of e-vehicles, emphasizing the relevant benefits, including free parking in Limassol Municipality
  • Support bike rental companies to increase number of electric bikes.
  • Free parking for electric cars to be offered by Limassol Municipality
  • E-mobility campaigns to create awareness, interest and use among tourists and residents for more sustainable mobility options such as e-vehicles and e-bikes
  • Two national seminars to encourage other cities to follow

How will this be achieved?

Limassol Tourist Company prepared the material of the electro-mobility campaigns. Electro-mobility campaigns have been designed to provide the necessary information in the form of a printed and electronic brochure. Advertorials in hotel and other lifestyle magazines promoted this idea as a new sustainable way of life.

Billboards and electronic advertisements also supported this effort. The campaign ensured publicity in the local and tourist media about the CIVITAS project and implemented actions in Limassol region.


How did the measure progress?

Limassol Tourism Company continues the organization of promotional campaigns and realized promotional material, (advertorials, brochures, radio campaigns, a dedicated Facebook updated on an ongoing basis, a web page on electromobility #poweruptoelectric, a promotional video).

The main following events were organized: 1st national seminar (July 2017); e-mobility in Limassol Marathon (March 2018); 5th Sustainable mobility conference (May 2018); 2nd  national seminar (July 2018); EU mobility week (September 2018).

In European Mobility Week 2018, LTC organized all the following activities: (cycling photo exhibition, competition, live link, bicycle showcase of the event and competitions, walking tour).

Another communication campaign took place in European Mobility week 2019 including various activities (photo competition, e-bike testing, showcasing of sustainable mobility products, bicycle challenge, walking with safety with students of primary schools).

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Increase awareness and interest in electromobility. Number of private electric car owners in Limassol is increasing.
  • Some car rental companies included electric vehicles in their fleet and other are planning to do so in the coming years.
  • Free parking policy for e-cars in Limassol Municipality
  • Increased number of e-bikes for rental