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Mobility Measure

MultiCore tube logistics

As an alternative to delivery by road, an underground distribution system was created to transport and distribute chemicals and gas between Rotterdam’s harbour area and city businesses.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Goods transportation by road is a major source of traffic congestion and air pollution. The MultiCore Tube was therefore developed as an environmentally friendly, safe and non-disruptive mode of transporting oil, chemicals and gas via underground pipelines.

The specific objectives were to reduce the volume of traffic in the port area, and to make more efficient use of underground space in the port’s industrial zone.

How did the measure progress?

Companies were able to acquire transport capacity by leasing a MultiCore pipeline over a specified distance. MultiCore issued permits for connecting companies to its pipeline network. Calculations on a variety of pipeline configurations, in terms of investment against expected rental income, indicated that four tubes would yield the best results. Laying the four tubes closely together in two layers brought down investment requirements further. Calculations and tests showed that the minimum distance between the MultiCore tubes could be as little as 0.25 m, rather than the standard 0.6 m, while still accommodating branching to customers at any given point.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Many businesses showed an interest in the MultiCore system and the first contracts were signed during the project period. The system gained publicity and the work of convincing companies of the advantages of the underground transportation system continued beyond the project period.