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Mobility Measure

Mobility Application & Travel Planner for smart phones to provide real time information

The application allows travellers to determine the nearest bus stations, bike rental stations, bike sharing stations and electric car charging stations. It also provides options of cycling, walking and hiking routes, with description regarding distance, level of difficulty, kind of bicycle required, etc. Information regarding points of access to the beach for disabled people and landmarks in the region. Travellers are able to leave their comments and rating of the mobility products/services used for new users’ advice.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  •     Provide a tool for people to make their travel plans more efficient
  •     Provide real time information to travellers
  •     Promote sustainable mobility modes through the app
  •     Promote integrated products / services for tourism and mobility
  •     Collect visitor comments and rating for sustainable mobility services to improve
  •     Improve the visitors’ experience

How will this be achieved?

Following the procurement process, the tender documents have been published and evaluated; the contract has been signed with the contractor. The application has been developed, a pilot test took place and corrective actions were taken. The application is available for i-Phone and android smart phones free of charge and provides real time information and a feedback option.

How did the measure progress?

The application is downloadable and user friendly for both smart phones and tablet users. The app is tailored to both residents and tourists focusing on the effective use of sustainable mobility modes by both target groups. For residents, it enables people to plan their travelling using PT and other sustainable mobility modes better, so as to include these modes in their everyday life and leisure trips.

For the visitor, it is a tool to plan their travelling around the town and the different attractions using sustainable mobility modes and enriching their experience. Real-time information is provided regarding the nearest bus stations, airport shuttle service, intercity buses, urban and rural bus routes, itineraries and arrival times at the bus station, bike rental stations, bike sharing stations, bike maintenance stations, electric car charging stations.

It also provides information and maps for cycling lanes and routes, walking paths and routes, hiking paths and routes. Information includes description regarding places of interest along the routes (or nearby), distance, level of difficulty, kind of bicycle required, kind of equipment required if any, etc. The application features information on access points to the beach for disabled people.

A communication campaign and competition wereorganized to create awareness and to increase the number of users; radio spots were scheduled to promote the campaign and competition to the public; Web promo banners and articles were published to promote the Mobility Application; Google Play campaign delivered to increase users for mobile devices. After the campaign, 4,840 people downloaded the app.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The application is in operation. It has been promoted in the buses, at bike sharing stations, in hotels and other places. Electronic campaigns running on social media.