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Lower parking tariffs for low-emission cars


In order to improve air quality and raise awareness, Graz introduced a reduced parking tariff for low-emission vehicles, including hybrid, electric and biofuel cars.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Traffic flow has increased enormously in recent years in Graz. The present measure was introduced within the framework of a necessary tariff increase.

The hourly parking tariff for all conventional vehicles was raised from EUR 1 to EUR 1.20, while the tariff for low-emission vehicles was lowered to EUR 0.80. Registered owners of low-emission cars receive a so-called Umweltjeton, or environmental token, and an official sticker issued by the city council. Ticket vending machines are equipped to recognise these tokens and deliver a lower tariff.

The new tariff system differentiates between cars below and above certain threshold limits: 

  • Petrol-powered vehicles must achieve Euro IV standard and emit less than 140g CO2 per km.
  • Diesel-powered vehicles must achieve Euro IV standard and emit less than 130g CO2 per km and must be equipped with particle filters.
  • Gas-powered vehicles must achieve Euro IV standard and emit less than 140g CO2 per km.
How did the measure progress?

The steps in the implementation process were:

  • the definition of thresholds — What is a low-emission car?
  • the definition of the implementation zone — all paid parking zones in Graz are included;
  • technological implementation — parking ticket vending machines had to be adapted to be able to deliver differentiated prices and recognise environmental tokens;
  • organisational implementation — procedures had to be put in place on how and where to register; and
  • marketing — drivers needed to be made aware of the new system.
What were the outcomes of the measure?

The local law defining parking tariffs was changed with the addition of a paragraph stating that a special tariff is applicable to low-emission vehicles.

Potential barriers were the fact that all drivers of low-emission vehicles had to register their cars with the Parking Department; and that all car manufacturers currently have different standards for low emissions.

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