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Mobility Measure

Island freight logistics for tourist services

This measure is aimed at improving the overall quality of life on the Elba Island by reducing air and noise pollution, while also improving the efficiency and reducing the environmental footprint of deliveries to shops and tourist facilities.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Following an investigation into logistics needs conducted together with project partner MemEx, Portoferraio and Rio realised that a specialised transport service of goods to hotels, restaurants and cafes would be of great use. A food delivery service to boats moored at the docks was also considered identified. 

After this investigation phase and the experience in distribution services acquired during the previous LIFE+ ELBA project, Portoferraio launched two calls for tender.

The first aimed at promoting an optimised goods delivery service to hotels, restaurants and cafes. By grouping deliveries, the number of vehicles circulating on the island should decrease.

To this end, the ideal operator should have two warehouses (one on the island and the other on the mainland) and utilise low-emission delivery vehicles.

The call selected one operator who will also provide useful data regarding the service.

The second call aimed to find an operator to deliver food to the boats moored at the docks in Portoferraio with a low-emission vehicle. Due to the fact that the call did not attract any bids, the call will be improved and relaunched in 2020.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The main outcome is the optimisation and improvement of the logistics related to tourism on the Elba Island.