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Mobility Measure

Introducing electric fleet city administration

Implementing sustainable mobility

In accordance with the city of Trieste’s smart mobility strategy, nine publicly accessible recharging points have recently been set up in the city. In order to boost the e-mobility service extending the recharging network and informing stakeholders and end-users of this system’s advantages and facilities, the city of Trieste will launch an awareness-raising campaign. The campaign will be targeted at citizens, to increase the number of potential users, and at companies, to devise better business models for the service. The municipality will therefore organize public events and target meetings, will provide information through its website and social networks, and will promote the project at local and European events such as European Mobility Week. The municipality will manage the deployment of the service according to the city’s mobility strategy to maximise its benefits. The activity also includes the purchase of an electric fleet for the city’s administration.

Basic Information

January 2017

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