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Mobility Measure

Integrated payment solutions for mobility and tourism

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has as objective to increase the number of tourists travelling in public transport. For that reason, Guaguas Municipales, the public transport company developed a card for tourists.

Furthermore, before the implementation of the BRT and in order to test payment equipment in advance, Guaguas Municipales is to install two external ticket vending machines at selected bus stops. Furthermore, equipment for the Smart Card validation is to be installed in some vehicles of Guaguas Municipales to check its correct operation.

Before the implementation of the BRT, Guaguas Municipales will install two external ticket vending machine. Besides, Equipment for the Smart Card validation will be introduced on 17 vehicles of the Fleet Guaguas Municipales, before the BRT implementation, to will check its correct operation.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Regarding the tourist card, Guaguas Municipales launched two urban public transport tickets (1 and 3 days).

The main actions carried out to define this new urban public transport benefit were to elaborate a benchmarking report in order to collect the main features and fares of different cards focused on tourism in several touristic cities. After that, a software development company was contacted to address the necessary technological issues in order to propose and finalise the commercial design and tradename.

In order to introduce a touristic urban public transport card in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a kick of training for its business model development was carried out in October 2017, and after that, successive meetings have been held aiming at involving the tourism sector.

Collaboration with a hotel business association was stablished in order to have a sales channel related to the tourism market. Guaguas Municipales is monitoring the use of this touristic tickets.

Regarding external vending machines, the second part of this measure, Guaguas Municipales launched in March 2018 a tendering process for the supply of such external vending machines.  The software that will integrate the new external vending machines with the on-board equipment is being developed under the coordination of the technological department of Guaguas Municipales. The 2 external vending machines are expected to be in operation before the end of 2019.

New equipment (switches) that allows the connection of several devices installed onboard at the same time (it is needed to connect several validation machines and to offer Wifi onboard) is being incorporated within the tendering process for the purchase of 57 new buses.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Increase users’ satisfaction

Increase the number of tourists using Public transport

Implementation Status

The measure is in operation and data for evaluation is being collected in the case of public transport card for tourists.

In the case of payment equipment, the measure is in the implementation stage.

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