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Mobility Measure

Increasing feeling of security among Elba sharing users and tracking for ELBA-sharing service users

Implementing sustainable mobility

A specific App will developed and will managed by the ELBA-sharing platform  This App will allow users to be tracked (after enabling GPS on their mobile phones) during their trips, thus enhancing their safety feeling and making them more willing to largely use the ELBA-sharing services.

This can be considered as an “umbrella” measure embedding all the other sharing measures and presenting different features depending on the specific service (i.e. car sharing, certified hitch-hiking, boat sharing, etc.). 

Furthermore, in the case of “certified hitchhiking”, the system will also allow the user to “validate” the ID number of the pick-up vehicle and to make sure that it is among the registered sharing vehicles. An alert message would be sent at the same time to all the users in case a non-registered car is trying to offer a ride.