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Mobility Measure

Increase cycling and walking in combination with a special interest in tourist activities as an integrated product

The upgrade of cycling, walking and hiking as a tourist product has increased interest from the public. Tourists and residents are encouraged to use cycling, walking and hiking to explore the region according to their special interests.

In this measure, the cycling and walking networks were expanded, bicycle parking facilities were added, religious/cultural/nature/etc routes were created or adapted, map panels and signage was installed, and promotional material (printed and electronic) was produced and disseminated.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increase the interest in cycling, walking and hiking
  • Increase guided tours by bike or on foot and enriching the tourist experience
  • Creation of cycling, walking and hiking routes that will enhance special interest tourism (wine, gastronomy, bird watching, history)
  • Promotion of cycling, walking and hiking in relation to special interests
  • Encouragement of tourists and locals to combine sustainable mobility modes to leisure trips and special interest tourism

How will this be achieved?

Limassol city already has a number of cycling and walking paths by the seaside, which are very popular and are what initiated the interest of tourists and locals in cycling and walking.

There is a need for more vertical routes and lanes to be designed, so that more areas are connected to the coastline as well as similar infrastructure in the outskirts. Hiking routes exist in the countryside of the Limassol region, but they needed to be improved and they also lack facilities such as signage, mapping, bike parking points.

How did the measure progress?

The measure includes:

  • Creation of new bike lanes and bike routes.
  • Five bicycle parking facilities installed in Limassol.
  • Signage for cycling lanes, paths and routes as well as for walking paths and routes have been placed.
  • Map panels have been placed for cycling lanes/routes/paths, walking paths and hiking routes.
  • Efforts have been made, in cooperation with the Cyprus Cycling Federation, the Limassol Cycling Club and Limassol Members of the Parliament to introduce for the first time a law regarding cycling, cycling lanes, cycling paths and cyclists’ responsibilities and rights to ensure the safety of the increased number of cyclists. The new law for cycling has been introduced in October 2017.  Videos have been created to promote and to create awareness about the new law for cycling which were promoted on the national TV channel with sponsorship.                                                               
  • To promote the increase of cycling, walking and hiking and special interest tourist products, maps have been created and distributed, guides in electronic and printed format, positive cycling images produced, and substantial presence in the local press has been ensured.
  • Dissemination took place in hotels, travel agencies, tourist information offices, port of Limassol, Limassol Chamber, local authorities’ offices, etc. In addition to these promotional tools, the application created under a different measure (LIM 7.4) supported the cycling, walking and hiking.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

These efforts encouraged visitors and locals to add cycling, walking and hiking in their leisure trips itinerary.

Guides and Travel agencies were educated under WP10 (site-visits) about the new tourist products (during workshops) in order to promote them to their customers.