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Mobility Measure

Improvement of PT routes, time tables, ticket procedure & bike transportation on buses to make the service more attractive

This measure provides an improved PT service that serves the needs of tourists and local people. Better designed routes and timetable adjustments ensure that the service is convenient and attractive to increase the number of PT users. Bike racks enable combination of cycling and PT.

The local tourist information offices have been recording complaints from visitors regarding inconvenient PT routes, connections and timetables. These complaints were the basis of the changes that were introduced.

The increasing interest in cycling can be combined with the use of PT, to carry the bike to a new location for cycling. Installation of 20 bike ramps on buses assist in combining the use PT with cycling in the region. The locations were carefully selected, to offer an interesting cycling option.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Improve PT routes and timetables
  • Increase use of PT
  • Enable bike transportation on buses (20 ramps for 2 bicycles each)

How will this be achieved?

Specifications for bike racks on buses have been determined and  appropriate permissions have been granted.

Following the procurement procedure, the tender awarded to the winning bidder and bike racks have been installed.

How did the measure progress?

Bike racks have been installed on 20 buses of Limassol Region. Meeting with Limassol Bus Company and the Department of Road Transport to discuss further safety requirements to ensure the problem-free use of the bike ramps.

The issue was raised when buses had to get their MOT certificate. After further discussions with the Department of Road Transport LTC must proceed with the installation of 20 video cameras on the rear of the vehicles so that the driver has a visual of the bike rack and can ensure the MOT certificate. The Ministry of Communications and Works has been involved to provide approvals for the necessary changes.

Based on the information collected suggestions have been made to the Limassol Bus Company and the Ministry of Communications and Works to improve routes, time tables, ticket procedures and bike transportation on buses. Changes have been applied and ticket procedure on buses became digital.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Improved routes and timetables
  • Bike transportation on 20 buses with the installation of bike ramps able to carry two bikes each
  • Ticket procedures have been upgraded by the Ministry of Communications and Works and became digital (the driver used to sell tickets to users which was causing delays)