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Mobility Measure

For Rethymno, it is vital to encourage tourists and residents to choose public transport for their trips. By improving PT services, the city aims to reduce circulation of private cars and traffic congestion during the peak months, to reduce air pollution and to increase accessibility and attractiveness of Rethymno as a tourist destination.
Improved PT for tourists and citizens

Rethymno is aiming to increase the efficiency, convenience and ultimately the use of public transport. Assessment studies and surveys of PT users will help to improve PT services. New thematic PT routes, rescheduled PT plans, new smart bus stops with real-time information will be introduced to make PT more convenient and attractive. This is intended both for citizens and tourists and should position PT as a good option for everyday trips in the area.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Assessment studies and PT users’ surveys will help increase the ability of PT services to serve both tourists' and citizens’ needs. This will be achieved by introducing new thematic PT routes, rescheduling PT plans, and installing new attractive smart bus stops displaying real-time travel information. Rethymno will encourage tourists and citizens to choose public transport for their leisure trips when visiting the area. This action aims to reduce circulation of private and rental cars during the peak tourist season and constitutes a concrete endeavour to upgrade PT services in order to facilitate an increase in the transported users and satisfied visitors.

The main objectives of the measure are:

  • Efficient, attractive and modern public transportation.
  • Increased use of PT by tourists and residents, in the process triggering a modal shift from rental car /taxi to PT among tourists and visitors.
  • Improved convenience for and satisfaction among PT users.
  • Increased accessibility and attractiveness of the city as tourist destination.

The main actions of the measure are to:

  • An assessment of existing PT routes, taking into account tourists’ interest/ needs.
  • Reschedule PT plans.
  • Design/operate new PT routes to serve key attractions and cultural events during the main touristic period.
  • Respond to the real needs of PT users across the year.
  • Conduct a study on the transport needs of cruises visitors;
  • Devise access plans for reaching the main touristic attractions in the wider Rethymno area, which at the moment are mainly accessed with hired cars.
  • Develop attractive info packages to promote new PT services/routes.
  • New smart bus stops to increase efficiency of the PT information system.
  • Install bike racks on selective bus routes, allowing for the combination of cycling and PT.
  • Conduct a PT users’ surveys to measure satisfaction and record recommendations for improvement.

How did the measure progress?

The activities implemented so far are:

  • Targeted PT survey: 800+ completed questionnaires from public transport users, citizens and visitors recording their needs and expectations.
  • Consultation meetings with the local public transport operator.
  • Structured interviews with tourism and PT stakeholders.
  • Field measurements of occupancy and time accuracy in 136 bus lines.
  • Study on cruise visitors’ interests.
  • Design of two new routes to serve cruise visitors, integrating an ecological walk and cycling alternatives (on-going).

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The expected outcomes are:

  • Improved PT services for and increased PT use among citizens and tourists.
  • New bus stops and bike racks on selective bus routes.
  • New routes to key attractions serving cruises visitors and promotional info packages and panels.
  • New thematic PT routes, including ecological walks and bio-food alternatives.
  • Regular PT users’ satisfaction surveys.
  • Safe and eco driving training of PT drivers.