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Mobility Measure

Green Mobility Hotel Award

Through experience gained and best practices exchanged during the development of its SUMP, Transport Malta and the Ministry for Tourism is disseminating information on sustainable transport planning with local hotels. 

Implementing sustainable mobility

This award seeks to create awareness among hotels, encouraging them to implement sustainable mobility measures for the benefit of their guests, the business community, employees and the general public.

This award and labelling scheme is a voluntary initiative and adds real value to business credentials and company image by boosting company efficiency and creating positive implications with regards to the carbon footprint, climate change, and corporate social responsibility.


The following are the objectives which the green mobility hotel award aims to achieve:

  1. Improve the guests’ experiences and travel behaviour;
  2. Safeguard the environmental assets (including air quality) which attract tourists to the islands that make up Malta;
  3. Improve residents' quality of life by contributing to transport management in the tourism sector;
  4. Mitigate the tourism carbon footprint stemming from the hotel industry;
  5. Raise awareness about sustainable urban mobility practices among tourist operators and their stakeholders, including employees, suppliers, etc; and,
  6. Incentivise the hotel industry to adopt practices that contribute to green mobility and encourage green initiatives as part of continuous improvement processes for tourist operators.

How will this be achieved?

The call for applications for the Green Mobility Label and Award was launched in March 2019 with the application period open until September 2019. Hotels are invited to apply for the labelling scheme, which will entail an audit of sustainable mobility measures already being implemented by the applicant hotel.  

A positive review in this regard will not only grant the Green Mobility Label to the Hotel, but will also make that hotel eligible to apply for the Green Mobility Award. The winner of this will receive a grant of up to €70,000 to implement a permanent measure in the field of sustainable mobility.

The submissions received from the hotels will be evaluated by the expert engaged for the purpose through a public call. The expert shall also audit the applicant hotel prior to, during and following the implementation of the winning measure. This should ensure that the measure is implemented as described in the application.

How did the measure progress?

After compiling a list of stakeholders directly/indirectly affected by this measure, the Ministry of Tourism completed consultations, baseline date collection, baseline analysis and user needs analysis (in 2018). The Ministry then developed a set of guidelines which was presented to the selected stakeholders in March 2019.

During this information session, the project, the Award and the Labelling Scheme were introduced. During the period in which the call was open, the Ministry for Tourism held further one-to-one meetings and information seminars to further assist interested participants with their applications. 

The Ministry of Tourism leading this measure has also been in contact with the marketing team engaged by Transport Malta for the DESTINATIONS Project. A brand was created for the Hotel Award and launched together with the call for applications on various social media platforms in March 2019. An information leaflet was also distributed during the information session and later during the one-to-one meetings. 

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This measure is expected to encourage the hotel industry to start thinking about implementing sustainable mobility as being a new way to attract and retain tourists.

Considering the challenges that highly seasonal tourism has on a small island such as Malta, which must already deal with high population density and car dependency, increasing sustainable mobility among tourists can only be positive. Doing so will improve local residents' quality of life, the general tourist experience, and air quality.

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MAL 6.1
December 2016

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