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Mobility Measure

Rethymno will study a business model for a “green mobility award” scheme through a Green Mobility Card, to encourage tourists and citizens to adopt more sustainable lifestyle patterns. More use of sustainable mobility modes will offer a greater number of credits!
Green mobility card

This measure aims to deliver a feasibility study for a Green Mobility Awarding Scheme at city and prefecture level. Rethymno will search for viable business case scenarios for launching a Green Mobility Card and incentives to award tourists and residents for choosing sustainable mobility options. The Green Mobility Card concept will be also examined as a business tool for local SMEs through exchanges with stakeholders, local and regional entrepreneurs, and transport operators to evaluate its feasibility and sustainability.

Implementing sustainable mobility

A feasibility study will be conducted to identify a viable business case scenario for setting up and maintaining a self-sustained Green Mobility card for payment and incentives to award tourists and residents for choosing sustainable mobility options. Users will be able to collect green credits/points when using PT or other sustainable mobility services in the area/region which will be used for discounts in shops, restaurants, events, attractions entrance or to local products.

The main objectives are to:

  • design an attractive, self-sustaining green mobility credit scheme,
  • promote sustainable modes of transportation and to provide benefits both to visitors/tourists and local/regional businesses;
  • develop a business tool for promoting mobility services/products of local SMEs.

Planned actions include:

  • Business plan development for a self-sustaining Green Mobility Card.
  • The engagement of key stakeholders, PT operators, the private sector, and potential sponsors.
  • Dissemination of the business plan’s key elements among relevant stakeholders to encourage a sense of 'ownership' of the scheme among them.


How did the measure progress?

The study is planned to start in April 2019.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Feasibility study of setting up and maintaining a green mobility reward scheme at regional level.