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Mobility Measure

Green Credits Scheme

Guaguas Municipales is working to introduce its first loyalty system to encourage residents and tourists to use more sustainable mobility modes.

Users will accumulate points as rewards for taking public transport and be able to redeem them for products and services at a variety of places, such as shops, museums and theatres.

This will be supported by a website and a mobile app.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Guaguas Municipales has held meetings with stakeholders and interested companies in order to involve companies and business that would like to join this initiative.

During the summer of 2019, the terms and conditions were defined and the tradename registered. In parallel, the customer management platform was developed.

To recruit business and SMEs for the initiative, a call for proposals has been launched.


What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Increase user satisfaction of public transport.
  • Increase the amount of users of public transport.
  • Foster local economic development.

The measure is in the implementation stage and is expected to be in operation by October/November 2019

Basic Information

LPA 6.1
December 2016

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