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Mobility Measure

Green credits: A business model for mobility, sustainability and tourism

The use of public transport (PT) in Madeira was decreasing over the past years, and the objective of this measure was to provide the public with more reasons to use this transport mode.

The result was the Public Transport Friend initiative (PTF), a cross-sectoral approach between local businesses and Horários do Funchal (HF), the main public transport operator, to provide discounts and advantages to PT passengers, while promoting the local economy.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Development of a Green Credit Scheme

HF, with the support of the local partners, defined the technical requirements for the Green Credit Scheme, including a connection with HF’s systems. Several interactions were carried out to perform the design of the platform and development of the business plan.

However, due to the foreseen connection with the ticketing system and considering that the system in place did not allow such connection and that the new ticketing system would only be implemented after DESTINATIONS, HF decided to proceed with another approach.

It reformulated a tool developed in a former project SEEMORE (Intelligent Energy Europe). With some improvements, the Public Transport Friend (PTF)was launched incentive scheme in October 2019.

Incentive scheme – Public Transport Friend (PTF) initiative
To establish the PTF initiative, HF established joint partnerships with the local businesses, creating a win-win approach with advantages for all involved. From one side, HF promoted the local businesses through the website, marketing material and social media, and, on the other side, had the business partners as ambassadors of sustainable mobility, promoting PT.

But, most importantly, the initiative provided benefits and advantages for all PT passengers, including residents, tourists and HF’s staff. Along with a dedicated promotional campaign, a specific website was also launched to provide information about all the partnerships. During this process, it was raised partners from various sectors (ranging from restaurants, jewellers and opticians to pharmacies and gyms, etc).

However, meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic led to financial difficulties among the businesses and led some of them to close. This measure gained more relevance during the pandemic, helping to promote and stimulate the local economy. By November 2020, the cross-sector initiative brought 26 businesses together.

More information

  • Measure evaluation report (preliminary version)
  • PTF initiative website: watch here

What were the outcomes of the measure?

  • Partners involved in the initiative  26 local businesses in November 2020.
  • Residents’ aware of the initiative – 23% in 2019.
  • Tourists’ aware of the initiative – 2,5% in 2019.

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