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Mobility Measure

Expansion of the public bike sharing system to include new bikes and e-bikes for rent

The bike sharing system expanded offering more options to leisure cyclists, encourage them to follow more routes and visit more points of interest in the area. Tourists have been informed about the bike schemes through the promotional material placed in hotels, tourist information offices and other high traffic points, electronic info kiosks (24/7) all over the Limassol region, the mobile app and the campaigns that have been implemented.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Support the investor to expand the bike sharing network. The bike share provider has committed to expand the network. We provide support through installation of bike parking facilities, the mobile app, promotional campaigns, competitions, and through receiving the necessary permits from local authorities.
  • Add five new stations
  • Increase the number of bikes available for sharing by 120 new ones
  • Obtain licensing for additional stations

How will this be achieved?

Four bike parking facilities were installed in the Limassol city and one bike parking facility in the rural area for general use. At the beginning, N° 10 e-bikes and n° 20 conventional bikes were available for rent and the bike sharing company NextBike CY increased its fleet to 120 bikes. The number of e-bikes available for rent then increased to 21.

How did the measure progress?

Continuous meetings with Next Bike Sharing Company, Cyprus Cycling Federation, Council of the promotion of Cycling and Cycling Clubs to discuss, exchange ideas and suggestions regarding improvements of cycling infrastructure and the new bike schemes.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The opportunities to combine cycling with special interests will be highlighted, emphasizing in ensuring a stress free and enriched tourist experience. Tourists and residents that are less athletic have the option of renting bikes.

By adding stations and increasing the number of bikes, more people have the chance to use the system and users have the option to cycle to new areas, since the system allows the user to leave/park the bike at any station of the network.