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Mobility Measure

EV legislation revision and charging infrastructures in Elba

Implementing sustainable mobility

Increase the attractiveness of Elba Island for tourists by creating support conditions for the adoption of clean vehicles.Reduction of pollution /noise emissions and energy consumption for a better environment quality

The measure ELB 4.5 foresee the development of a common (among the 8 Municipalities) regulation fostering the use of clean vehicles, in particular EV and PHEV. This rules will include several aspects, i.e.: free parking in the blue line parking lots, free circulation in the LTZ, free charge of the batteries at dedicated "green" reserved parking lots, etc.

This regulation will be also included in the SUMP development. Moreover some charging stations (at no equipment and operational costs for the project) will be installed in some key points.

Authorizations for the EV charge stations installation ( internal Municipality procedures)

Implementation of charging stations with dedicated parking lots (at no operational cost for the project already founded by other sources).

Selection of the subcontractors to appoint the realization of the EV charge stations