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Mobility Measure

Hybrid/ electric vehicles in public transport and electric vehicles in public services
Electric vehicles in municipal fleets

Before the CIVITAS project, there were no electric vehicles in the municipal fleets in Palma since there had not been any demands on alternative propulsion or clean vehicles in the procurement procedures of the city of Palma. The aim of this measure was to develop procurement procedures to be used by all city departments that would include a quota of 10% electric vehicles.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Until now there have been no demands on alternative propulsion or clean vehicles in the procurement procedures of the city of Palma. Within this measure, the city will develop procurement procedures to be used by all city departments that will include a quota of 10% electric vehicles.

The public transport company aims to introduce two small buses with the latest technology in full electric or hybrid technology. If fully electric propulsion is chosen, a fast charging point is foreseen at the end of the line. The notifications department currently uses gasoline scooters to deliver municipal notifications to the citizens. During the project, the complete fleet of 10 scooters of this highly visible department will shift towards electromobility. The electric cars will be introduced in several municipal departments and at the Municipal Company for Parking (SMAP) to reach the 10% of electromobility in their fleets.

Once the new procurement procedures will be in place, also the companies that are bidding for new concessions to perform services for the city, for example the gardening company, will have to ensure 10% of electric vehicles in their fleets. All the vehicles will clearly show that they have electric propulsion, so the general public will become aware that electromobility is a reality already today. The communication towards other local fleet owners and the general public will be focussed on the (long term) cost-effectiveness of electromobility compared to conventional fuels. Other fleet operators and private citizens will be given the opportunity to test the vehicles.

The main objectives of this measure were:


  • The introduction of two Hybrid/ electric or electric buses to connect the CIVITAS area with the historic city center of Palma
  • The introduction of at least 9 electric cars and 10 electric scooters during the project in the municipal fleet, i.e. 10% of the newly procured vehicles of the municipal fleet will be electric, as well as 20 charging points.
  • The establishment of new guidelines for public tenders of the municipality, demanding that 10% of the vehicles of city departments and subcontractors shall be electric. It is estimated that this could imply 20 electric vehicles procured by subcontractors during the project.
  • Awareness-raising about electric mobility among the general public and local fleet owners


How did the measure progress?

Before CIVITAS there were no electric vehicles in the public fleets of Palma. Based on the information of a regional subsidy programme, in 2010 there were 15 electric cars in Mallorca. A stakeholder roundtable on electric mobility was created, involving among others the local energy provider, Telefonica and local suppliers of electric vehicles.

Planning & preparation

During the preparation phase the following tasks were executed:

  • Studies to select the most suitable technology/vehicles
  • Public tender for the procurement of the electric vehicles
  • Internal guidelines for the city to ensure that 10% of vehicles it procures through public tenders are electric
  • Guidelines for the inclusion of 10% electric vehicles in public tenders for subcontractors.

Implementation & demonstration

In the implementation phase the following tasks were executed:

  • Establishment of 29 charging points in the vicinity of different city departments and municipal organisations.
  • Demonstration of 25 electric vehicles in public fleets, including the Municipal Parking Company (SMAP), EMAYA, the mobility department and the infrastructure department. All vehicles will clearly indicate that they are electric.
  • Organisation of events to promote electro-mobility.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Tangible outputs:

  • Study on energy use of EVs at EMAYA
  • Six electric trucks for waste collection in operation at EMAYA:
    • The first Hybrid truck (diesel/electric) of PB environment arrived in May 2015 at EMAYA
    • 5 small trucks of Mega-EWorker purchased.
  • A total of 21 electric cars and scooters to be introduced:
    • 1 Nissan Leaf demonstrated by Mobility Councillor
    • 1 Renault Zoe and 1 Nissan Leaf purchased by mobility department.
    • 1 Renault Zoe purchased by SMAP.
    • 1 Nissan E-NV200 Van purchased by mobility department.
    • 2 Renault Twizzy vehicles introduced by EMAYA.
    • 1 Scotter Scutum S02 for the mobility deparment
    • 13 EV still to be introduced during the Project
    • 29 charging points on the premises of city departments and municipal organizations Installed: 15 at EMAYA, 15 at SMAP and 9 at city departments
  • 35 electric vehicles operational at subcontractors (equipment purchase not in CIVITAS budget)1 planned awareness campaign about electric vehicles
  • Electric mobility exhibition during the European Mobility week in 2015

  • Exposition and presentation of EV municipal fleets in September 2015
  • In May 2016 a conference was held with the aim to promote electromobility into municipal fleets. Different municipalities from the island had the opportunity of sharing good practice, and trying vehicles.  CIVITAS’ local partners presented their good experiences with electric mobility. Regional government and private EV contractors joined the performance.
  • 10 or more planned technical visits for other local fleet operators, attracting over 50 fleet operators
  • 10 public events or more for citizens, exhibiting electric vehicles

Expected outcomes in the short- to medium-term:

  • Reduction in local emissions (air pollutants and noise)
  • Reduction in energy use
  • Contribute to wider uptake of electric vehicles in Palma

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June 2013

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