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Mobility Measure

Electric car rental connecting the Limassol area to the airports and the port

This measure provides an additional mobility option for visitors arriving at the airport or port and need to travel to the Limassol tourist area. E-car rental be a new sustainable mobility mode for leisure trips.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increase tourists’ options by adding e-car rental
  • Convince car rental companies to include e-cars in their fleet
  • Offer the alternative of renting an electric car from the airport or port of arrival to get to the tourist area and back, instead of a taxi or rented car
  • Promotion of e-mobility
  • Increase the number of electric car chargers by 7 at least

How will this be achieved?

In cooperation with car rental companies and their association, an organized effort was made to increase the number of e-vehicles available for rent.

This effort has been supported by the Limassol Municipality free parking offer for e-cars, the increase of EV-chargers by at least 7 points in the region and its main getaways (Larnaca and Pafos airports, Limassol port) in cooperation with the Cyprus Electricity Authority, and the e-Mobility promotional campaigns to tourists of the Limassol region (LIM 4.3).

Knowledge of this measure has been transferred to other Cyprus regions in order to also upgrade available infrastructure by adding EV- chargers.

How did the measure progress?

  • A cooperation plan has been agreed with the Local Authorities. An agreement between Cyprus Electricity Authority and LTC involved the purchase of 7 shelters for EV Chargers to make them more user friendly (strong sun, rain) and more visible. LTC in cooperation with EAC is in process for the installation of the above.
  • The Cyprus Electricity Authority has undertaken the task of adding fast EV-chargers on the motor ways connecting
  • Maps have been designed and produced featuring information about EV-charging points, including exact coordinates.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The e-car rentals offer an additional option and serve people wanting to use a sustainable mobility mode but do not find the airport shuttle available at the time of arrival or departure.

The e-car rentals serve travels from the airports and port and around the region, and other regions are encouraged to follow this initiative in order to further expand the EV-charging network of the island. For residents, the service provides a new lifestyle option, and electric car owners in Limassol are gradually increasing.

Basic Information

LIM 4.1
December 2016

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