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Mobility Measure

Dynamic Traffic Management Study

Currently, Police Scotland operates a CCTV system across the city centre and some areas on its periphery for various uses including public safety, reduction of anti-social behaviour and some small scale Automatic Number Plate Recognition operations.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Aberdeen City Council and its partners have limited use of the system to enable an overview of the current transport network operation and any interventions that can be made to alter or redirect vehicle movements away from an incident or overly congested areas during periods of high demand.

The activity within this measure will establish a template that sets out the most cost effective solution both now and projecting forward 15 years (including areas for development and whole life costs) that would integrate operational activities that will oversee operation of safety, security for public areas, traffic management and network operation of roads including the area of the harbour. This will enable the city centre, its surrounding and any other location identified as being of strategic importance to be incorporated into future infrastructure and operational arrangements thereby benefiting from system integration and connectivity using a common data platform.