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Mobility Measure

Developing a clear zone in the historical city centre

Clear zones, created through cooperation between property developers and local planning authorities, are a way of improving quality of life in the city centre.

Implementing sustainable mobility

The need for this measure arose from the lack of access control schemes in Ploiesti, which had allowed congestion and pollution levels to rise. The creation of a clear zone was also a way of protecting Ploiesti’s historical centre and ensuring safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Specific goals were to:

  • minimise the impacts of pollution (emissions and noise);
  • protect and enhance the city’s heritage;
  • improve access and safety;
  • create pedestrian zones and enhance public spaces;
  • improve the city’s image;
  • improve quality of life in the city; and
  • introduce traffic calming into central Ploiesti.

How did the measure progress?

The main activities included:

  • collecting initial traffic and parking data;
  • carrying out a survey among the public;
  • identifying the most appropriate control technologies; and
  • promoting the clear zone after implementation.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The measure led to:

  • the creation of a 1 km2 clear zone;
  • reduced congestion;
  • a 20 percent improvement in public transport speeds;
  • a 15 percent reduction in pollution in the central zone;
  • increased awareness of the benefits of the zone from businesses inside the access-controlled area; and
  • improved safety for pedestrians.

This fact sheet has been updated by a third party on the basis of available information (not by the city itself), therefore we do not guarantee any data with respect to their content, completeness or up-to-dateness.

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November 2011

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