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Mobility Measure

Demonstration of SUMP strategies to strengthen the core to growth pole accessibility for economic and social cohesion

Implementing sustainable mobility

The elaboration of Constanta Growth Pole Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, agreed as a priority by the Romanian Government and the European Commission in the context of the new European Union budgetary period 2014 - 2020, is under development and will be adopted by the ”Constanta Metropolitan Area” Intercommunity Development Association (ZMC) at the beginning of 2017.

Also, the Port has just approved its own Master Plan in 2016 and established as main objectives to continuously develop the port and to efficiently use the existing resources and infrastructure in order to meet the real needs of the market.

Starting from these two different strategic documents, this measure will focus on the identification of missing links, overlapped and/or opposite measures and it will come with a proposal to mitigate these negative aspects and to build a joint integrated development vision.

The second activity of this measure will be to conduct a thorough evaluation for 3 projects foreseen in the short term action plans of the SUMP and/or Master Plan. This evaluation will measure the social, economic and environmental impacts that these projects inflict to people, city and to the business sector, with special focus to the city/port relationship. 

The last activity in this measure will be to update the transport model of Constanta’s SUMP.