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Mobility Measure

Creation of electric bus hop on hop off service in the old town

Limassol old town is becoming increasingly attractive to visitors and residents resulting in excessive traffic congestion and high and parking issues.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will introduce two hop on hop off electric/hybrid buses with audio guides offering a tour in different languages. Tourists and residents will have the opportunity to travel around the city landmarks using the hop on hop off electric/hybrid bus instead of other conventional vehicles that will force them to drive in traffic and search for available parking space. In addition, they will be encouraged to use a number of sustainable mobility modes to get to the hop on hop off bus (bike, urban bus, hotel shuttle, e-vehicles). This will provide a hustle free solution and will make the tour of the town more attractive to visitors.

How did the measure progress?

The hop on hop off route was planned out in cooperation with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. It is a circular route covering approximately 9km across the city centre of Limassol, with a total of 15 stops at tourist attractions.

However, due to budget constraints LTC cannot proceed with the implementation of this measure, as planned.

LTC tried to find different options to implement the measure, as to lease a EURO 6 low emissions bus, but this option cannot achieve the expected impact to low emissions.

  • Suggested solution:
    • 30 electric bikes – 30 docks → bike sharing system
    • 3 stations (x10 bikes) in the same route as hop on hop off as alternative electric vehicle option.