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Mobility Measure

Conversion of public transport diesel buses to CNG

City of Skopje wants to set an example by retrofitting the more pollutant vehicles of the JSP car fleet in order to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in the city. The retrofit-conversion of 12 PT buses have implemented in City of Skopje targeted on introducing CNG as an alternative fuel for public transport buses by their conversion from diesel to CNG and implement and test the CNG propelled engines on 12 buses.

Implementing sustainable mobility

After research phase, analyzing data and experience from other cities has been developed technical solution for converting diesel buses to dual fuel diesel/CNG. The roof of all buses has been improved according to the measurements approved by the Mechanical Faculty in order to carry out the load of eight steel gas cylinders (each 55lit). After the improvement and testing of buses gas and electrical equipment (gas flow adjuster,gas/air mixer)  have been installed at the beginning on one buse which latter was tested and after that to the rest 11 buses. The retrofitted buses has been checked by the institution responsible for homologation . Also JSP SKOPJE equiped the hall for  maintenance of retrofitted buses and realize trainings of employees for maintenance and operating the retrofitted buses. On one bus has been measured CO, PM and NOx (on the exaust pipe) by the authorized Company when bus drives only on diesel. Now will be done  measurments when buses drives on dual fuel. Retrofitting a bus fleet is a new type of approach for Skopje and the strategy to introduce sustainable mobility in the city. Dissemination activities will be carried out, sending out the CiViTAS message to the City of Skopje public in general as a part of an overall policy to emphasize the use of clean fuels for all public fleets and to introduce a more environmentally friendly way to use the private car.

The main objectives are to reduce fuel consumption and main pollutant emissions CO, NOx, PM and to encourage the usage of CNG retrofitted vehicles in the JSP, as a strategy to preserve the historic environment.
By introducing a system of sustainable mobility in the city of Skopje, historic/tourist part of Skopje to make more attractive preserving cultural heritage and enhancing quality of life for citizens/residents by using clean fuel vehicles.

How did the measure progress?

Recognizing the benefits of the retrofitting, City of Skopje included in its own strategic plans the implementation of an innovative system to use clean fuels and the integration of retrofitted vehicles into the traditional PT system. Aiming to change and improve the public image of the public transport, City of Skopje focuses on promotion of the converted buses. This activity are in strong correlation with all innovative actions taken for improving the public transport in the City of Skopje.  Many channels of communication are used to promote the measure, from which TV and radio, articles in the national newspapers, and information on the City’s website are considered with priority. 

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The results of the analysis will be used to propose a short/medium term policy regarding further retrofitting of the entire bus fleet or possibly contributing to the retrofitting of the private cars in the city. Furthermore the post-measure training and dissemination activities to other municipalities, RENAISSANCE cities and other CiViTAS cities will be carried out. It is expected to be a good, innovative model to be adopted by those interested in sustainable mobility.

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February 2013

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