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Mobility Measure

Collective Travel

The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route, currently under construction, is planned to be opened early 2018 and this, together with other major infrastructure improvements already underway, will afford a once in a life time opportunity to optimise the Aberdeen City transport network in such a way as to accommodate and encourage significant increases in active and collective travel modes, capturing current demand and that generated by future population and employment growth which is already underway and planned for future years.

Implementing sustainable mobility

This will require an understanding of current and future travel demand and collective travel provision, interactions between modes, what influences mode choice, defining a new strategic roads hierarchy and (hard and soft) measures which would enable and encourage increased active and collective travel choice over single car occupancy.

The City Centre Masterplan and its key projects at Broad Street and Union Street within the SUMP, together with transport asset creation/ improvement from here along the A96 to Dyce, Aberdeen  International Airport  and  outwards to Aberdeenshire towns at Blackburn, Kintore and Inverurie and significant housing and employment growth at key locations along this corridor, offer an opportunity within a revised Aberdeen Roads Hierarchy, to develop and implement a significantly improved high quality collective transport network with high frequency reliable services, optimal journey times and routes and easy to access information and ticketing – making collective travel the main mode of choice rather than single occupancy car trips.

The 1,000 space Dyce Park and Ride site has recently opened. This site will have electric charging infrastructure and cycle parking included and there is a further opportunity to make this a ‘Collective Gateway’ – welcoming people to Aberdeen at this transport interchange and offering information on other travel opportunities across the City and Region and other useful information, over and above the park and choose facilities available at this location, including possible cycle hire scheme. Marketing of the park and choose/ interchange/ gateway will be key to initiating and sustaining usage of this key transport facility.