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Mobility Measure

Charging e-busses with alternative energy

Implementing sustainable mobility

This measure will study alternative energy sources from solar and wind farms for charging electric buses. It will take into account the complexity of the factors related to the production, distribution and use of power from intermittent sources for clean and efficient transport systems in the City of Constanta by generating a synergic effect between the Port of Constanta and the city. The first step will be the evaluation of the already existing solar and wind farms in Constanta`s metropolitan area, their technology level, production records and development plans. The potential of wind and solar power generation in the Port of Constanta using the port’s infrastructure, such as port water breaks, solar PV panels installed on port roofs and other similar opportunities will be evaluated. Arguments for using the power output for transport systems will be identified. Power distribution and connectivity between the port and the city will be evaluated to facilitate the direct use of electricity without the cost of transport and taxes.

The second phase will be a feasibility study on integrating renewable energy sources and transport modes in city/port of Constanta.

The third step will be a professional feasibility study regarding the organisation of a line of electric buses in the Port of Constanta, with charging units based on solar and wind energy.