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Mobility Measure

Car/Scooter/Bike/Boat (CSBB) sharing

Implementing sustainable mobility

Increase the accessibility and attractiveness of Elba Island for tourists by the coordination of already existing rental services (Cars, Scooters, Bikes and Boats, etc,) with reduction of car trips and related traffic congestion and emissions. Implementation of a new boat shuttle service in PF (at no operational costs for the project).

The “car-scooter-bike-boat sharing” (CSBB) service in ELBA island is based on:

- existing “rental points/stations” (to be extended during the project);

- coordination of different services in the framework of the “SHARED ELBA MOBILITY" Agency.

Rental services will be coordinated for some pillars (info, booking, etc.)  by the SHARED ELBA MOBILITY AGENCY. The detailed identification of the services to be involved and  the  related specification of the  requirements  respect the main pillars of the agency will be carried out  in the first stage of the project.

The P2P schemes will be organized in order to have the possibility to leave the CSBB at another controlled/supervised point/station.

Basic Information

ELB 4.2
March 2017

Thematic Areas