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Mobility Measure

Business cases for combined tourist and mobility products

Tourism and leisure transport are enhanced by the actions required by the Green Label partners. The Tourist Mobility Card assists in increasing the number of leisure trips with the use of sustainable mobility modes among tourists and residents.

A percentage of tourists seems to be sensitive about environmental issues and appreciates businesses that do the same. The Green Label provides a distinction to hotels committed to support sustainable mobility, making the awarded hotels more attractive to tourists and incentivising hoteliers to become partners in this effort. There is interest from tourists for using sustainable mobility modes such as PT to travel to tourist attractions, but no tool existed up to now, to put the two together and provide information, tools and incentives to visitors. The existence of the Card assists travellers to do their planning based on sustainable mobility modes and help them discover both modes and sites they might wouldn’t have discovered without this tool.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Encourage hotels to support sustainable mobility and provide relevant services and infrastructure
  • Award hotels for their support
  • Enable visitors to buy a PT ticket for the duration of their stay for all PT transfers and earn discounts and benefits at tourist attractions
  • Promote tourist attractions such as museums and theme parks through the Tourist Mobility Card
  • Integrate services for tourism and mobility
  • Establish cooperation between the tourism and mobility sectorsObjectives

How will this be achieved?

The Green Label will be maintained by the Limassol Tourism Board in the long run, and the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and regional tourist companies will be encouraged to introduce it to all regions.

The Tourist Mobility Card is a business case which significantly increases the number of bus trips, encourages bike trips and also upgrades the tourist experience. In cooperation with the Limassol Bus Company this action will be maintained in the long run.

This measure reveals to tourist related organisations the potential benefits of participating in the Tourist Mobility Card and Green Label Awards. This will assist in encouraging increasing numbers of participating transport operators, hotels, restaurants; etc after the Project has ended.

For this measure close cooperation is required with the Limassol Bus Company, Bike sharing company, bike rental companies, where discounted services for Tourist Mobility Card users have been provided; Hotels to participate in the Green Label effort and to promote the Tourist Mobility Card, Tourist attractions to offer discounts or other incentives to card users, Tourist information offices to promote and support this effort.

    How did the measure progress?

    Meetings were held with 25 hotels and 30 companies to present the CIVITAS Destinations project and promote the measure. Incentives were also given to hoteliers and companies to improve their services and to promote sustainable mobility modes to their clients such as assistance to implement the requirements and promotion.

    In total 16 out of 25 hotels in the Limassol tourist area participated (all the 5 star hotels and half of remaining hotels), 22 businesses offered discounts for the adoption of the mobility card and 16 hotels are participating to promote sustainable ways of transport and mobility card. Furthermore the progress of the measure included the design of the brochure for the Mobility Card, the design of the Green label logo, flags and trophies for Green label award. Promotional material prepared and disseminated both in printed and electronic form.

    Also, a video has been created in order to promote Green label Award and mobility card. The video demonstrated the tourist experience buying the Mobility Card, using the telematics system for information (LIM 7.3), taking the bus, using the Mobility Limassol application (LIM 7.4), finding information on the map panels and the printed map (LIM 3.1). The ceremony took place at 12/7/2019 and 16 Hotels were awarded.

    The hotels that received the Green Label Award are: Ajax Hotel, Alasia Hotel, Amathus Beach Hotel, Columbia Beach Hotel, Crowne Plaza Limassol, Kanika Elias Beach Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel, GrandResort Hotel, Harmony Hotel, Kapetanios Hotel, Kapetanios Odyssia, Londa Hotel, Parklane Resort, Poseidonia Beach Hotel, St. Raphael Resort, Tsanotel.

    What were the outcomes of the measure?

    Hotels committed to encourage the use of sustainable mobility modes by their guests, share links with sustainable mobility information, offer sustainable mobility promotional material in their lobby, provide cooking oil for recycling as bio-diesel, offer bike rentals and bike excursions at hotel, promote the sustainable mobility application and require their front office employees to participate in sustainable mobility training sessions, organised by the Limassol Tourism Board.

    The Tourist Mobility Card gives the opportunity to visitors and residents to buy one ticket for the duration of their stay, for all their PT transfers (urban and rural) and at the same time be allowed to have discounted entrance and benefits at museums, theme parks and other places of interest as well as on bike sharing.