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Mobility Measure

Bristol Cycle Resource Centre

The Cycle Resource Centre (CRC) provides comprehensive facilities for use by commuting and leisure cyclists, with the ultimate aim of encouraging cycle use.

Implementing sustainable mobility

Bike security was identified as a serious issues in central Bristol, and company travel plans identified an existing demand for secure cycle parking, particularly for staff working at small offices where facilities are not available. A key element of the measure was the creation of a secure, purpose-built bike park with facilities such as showers and other customised services of a sufficiently high standard to encourage greater cycle use.

The CRC is located at the hub of tourist and leisure destinations, and within short walking distance of substantial office developments. It is also on the National Cycle Network in Bristol.

How did the measure progress?

The CRC provides cyclists with:

  • Secure bicycle parking with on-site management from 7am to 7pm.
  • Secure lockers for work and cycling clothing.
  • Showers and changing facilities.
  • On-site service and repair facilities.
  • A cafe and refreshments.
  • A notice board for local cycling and transport information.
  • A small meeting room.  

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The CRC was created through a partnership between Mud Dock Cafe and Cycle Shop and Bristol City Council. The scheme is supported by the UK Department for Transport under the Cycle Project Fund. Mud Dock is recognised as one of Bristol’s premier specialist cycle retailers and is a popular cafe/bar, and the CRC is an extension of their existing city centre premises in Bristol’s harbour. Mud Dock is also responsible for the ongoing operation of the CRC and provides a strong brand name at this high-profile site. The scheme is also supported by the police, CycleWest, the Cyclists Touring Club and local cycling campaign groups.


Basic Information

November 2011

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