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Mobility Measure

Bicycle challenge: competition between employees of companies

The measure aims to change the habits of locals and become actors in their own town promoting cycling in their daily life. Tourists will be affected from the behaviour of locals and use cycling during their leisure trips in Cyprus.

Locals will have the opportunity to improve their health and attract more Cypriots to use cycling. Increased use of cycling will lead to better infrastructure which will be an attractive element for visitors.

Implementing sustainable mobility


The following are the objectives which the Bicycle Challenge campaign aims to achieve:

  1. A bicycle challenge between employees of companies will be organised during the project.
  2. Behaviour of participant will be changed totally towards an environmental behaviour
  3. Increase cycling to work by employees

How will this be achieved?

Initially, a strategic plan was prepared to identify the companies participating, the number of employees from each company and the schedule timelines for the meetings. Additionally, a cooperation plan was created between key actors.

Once identified, several meetings took place with ten companies to inform them about the campaign, resulting in five which agreed to participate. Presentations on the benefits of cycling were delivered followed by discussions with management and employees. During the meetings, ideas and suggestions were exchanged about the typical routes that were followed from home to work as well as safety issues.

How did the measure progress?

The bicycle challenge has successfully completed in 2017 where 5 companies participated during 15th September – 15th December 2017 including BSM Cyprus, Polyclinic Ygeia, KEO Ltd, MAM Baby and Marlow Navigation.

After the successful ‘Bicycle Challenge’ campaign in 2017, another round is in progress which has started on 16th September until 16th December where 3 companies are participating including KEO Ltd, Intership Navigation and Elias Neokleous & CO. LCC.

During the 3-month period, the participants use mobile applications to record the distance travelled each day, the cycling time and the route.

After the completion of the ride, participants will send their daily information by email. Upon completion of the campaign, information will be collected and each participant will receive a certificate and report stating the amount of km travelled as well as the total cycling time for the period of three months.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

This measure has encouraged citizens and tourists to change their habits and use bicycle in their daily life. This is very important since the CO2 emissions will be reduced and the environment will be friendlier and healthier. This measure will also help residents to improve their health during this program and change their own habits even after the end of the project.