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Mobility Measure

Awareness on the use of sustainable mobility for leisure trips

This measure aims to increase awareness about how to travel around for leisure using sustainable mobility modes, such as bikes, electric vehicles, public transport services, vehicle sharing and walking.  For this purpose, campaigns have been designed to attract people and aware them about the available sustainable mobility solutions for their leisure transportation, environmental and for their personal health.

Implementing sustainable mobility


  • Increase awareness of locals, tourists and urban planners
  • Promote integrated products and services in the mobility and tourism sectors
  • Promote e-mobility
  • Promote environmental and personal health
  • Increase the use of sustainable mobility modes
  • Organise competitions for tourists

How will this be achieved?

Campaigns included publicity, outdoor banners, advertising in local magazines and hotel magazines, radio, events/participation in existing events, creation of promotional material to be available at tourist information offices, hotels, local authority offices and also distributed at popular events.

Both tourists and residents have been targeted through the chosen media and through the distribution points selected for the promotion. The messages have been designed as to target residents, local trade and visitors. Competitions were planned to encourage tourists to become interested in sustainable mobility modes.

How did the measure progress?

The activities that have been organized with this measure are the following: organisation of the event ‘Cycling of Love’, a 10 km cycling event, in order to promote the use of bicycle for leisure trips; A competition took place during the event ‘Cycling of Love’; Design, production and distribution of promotional material.

Also, two campaigns have been organised in May 2019 to promote hiking routes in Limassol Region and walking in Limassol city centre.

Furthermore, in collaboration with the community councils of Limassol Region (Omodos, Platres, Arsos, Mandria Vassa) a hiking/cycling thematic route was created (22 km).

Installation of walking and cycling signs to promote this Religious route informed travellers about the religious monuments, museums and churches in the area and also provided a map to follow. Meeting with Municipality of Limassol to support the organisation of training for urban planners.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

Through the implementation of the described activities, an increase in the use of sustainable mobility modes is expected. Furthermore, promotion and awareness of e-mobility has been achieved and locals and tourists as well express their interest towards more sustainable mobility modes.