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Mobility Measure

Allocating road space for walking and cycling

Implementing sustainable mobility

A thorough analysis will be conducted at the city level regarding the actual road functions and users, with special focus on the central area situated in the proximity of the port and also on important administrative, educational, commercial and leisure centres, or others trip generator places around the city. This will be done through an intensive data collection process, also by analysing the local urban development plans and also the initial findings of the SUMP. The aim of this measure is to define the primary function of streets in the city (both current and preferred). Streets will be classified not only spatially but also temporally; as city centre streets can change function over 24 hours and appeal to different population segments. The objective is to package the Constanta sustainability measures within this framework to optimise the design and use of street space for all social groups and mode users.

All data available will constitute the basis for a plan on reallocation of road spaces within Constanta city with special focus on the safety of road users and sustainable growth of the city that will be presented to the local decision taking level in order to be agreed upon.