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Mobility Measure

Accessibility for people with disabilities and visually/hearing impairments

The Municipality of Limassol and STRATA integrated the existing blind and deaf people systems at the main traffic lights of Limassol’s coastal front.

Access points to the beaches have been installed, while a ramp for disabled was placed at the beginning of the beach.

Limassol Municipality has also purchased two floating wheelchairs, aiming to give the opportunity to people with disabilities to safely enter and enjoy the water.

This measure will offer the opportunity to people with disabilities to enjoy their vacations in our island with leisure. The people can enjoy the city centre of Limassol as they will be able to have access to the beaches and explore the city easier and with more safety

Implementing sustainable mobility

The objectives which the accessibility for disabled aims to achieve:

  1. Improved Urban accessibility for people with disabilities
  2. Enhanced social cohesion
  3. More attractive tourist destination
  4. More safety and security for people with disabilities
  5. Attract more tourists with disabilities (our current arrival numbers are low)
  6. Equipment for accessibility to beaches for people with disabilities will be installed in Limassol tourist area (1 ramp)
  7. The blind and deaf people systems at traffic light crossings (one system on the main traffic lights in tourist area)
  8. An integrated mobility solution will be included with signage and information services for people with disabilities who access public beaches.
  9. The destination will become more attractive to people with disabilities.
  10. The safety of people with disabilities in approaching and accessing beach areas will be increased.

How was this achieved?
A strategic plan was created along with STRATA in order to identify the ideal area to implement this measure and improve the accessibility to the beaches.

This included the upgrade of the traffic light crossings for the blind and deaf people that desire to cross the coastal front road that leads to the seaside. It also included the establishment of an accessibility ramp for helping people with mobility disabilities enter the water.

How did the measure progress?

The first phase was the strategic planning, where the location of the access points was defined as well as the signage information for people with disabilities regarding the locations of the blind and deaf people systems at traffic light crossings, public transport services for people with disabilities and route accessibility.

For this measure, Limassol has advised and collaborated with organisations of people with disabilities located in Cyprus. 

Limassol has developed and integrated the accessibility points of the existing blind and deaf people systems at the main traffic light crossings opposite the access point to the beach.

This is very important for the safety and security especially for people with disabilities. Limassol will become a more attractive and safer place for tourists with disabilities.

For the safety and leisure the number of access points to the beaches will be increased and connected to the PT system. Proper signage will be installed.  Limassol will add at least one point in the tourist area where the proper equipment for access and use of beaches will be installed.

What were the outcomes of the measure?

The improvement of the signalization system of Limassol, the creation of a safer and more secure environment for people with disabilities and the installation of the appropriate equipment for allowing people with disabilities cross the coastal front and enter the water.